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Electroluminescent Safety Helmet

Significance: Safety helmet flashes in large area at night and visible distance is

100 meters.

Range of Application: Sports safety helmet, motorcycle helmet, bicycle helmet, etc.

Using Method: Open the package and paste it on the surface of the clean

helmet directly.Press the power switch, the working state has

flash,steady on and off.

Technical Data: Brightness is 90-100Cd/m2.Lighting color has red, blue, green, yellow, etc.

Lithium battery charging (far away from flammable items when charging), has USB interface charging wire accessories;

Steady on using time is 10 hours, flash using time is 20 hours.

Note: Shape, area, pattern, color and electric reflection of light function can be

customized.This product are not inclued the helmet.


Electroluminescent Safety Helmet